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Wettest Derby ever!!!

4 years ago

Boy was I glad to be home and dry today! I feel so sorry for the people who decide to have a once-in-a-lifetime splurge, and rent a house for Derby (that can run anywhere from $,5000-$15,000 for 3 night stay), and a box at Churchill Downs (between $4,000-$6,000 for both the Oaks on Fri and the Derby today. And then the expense of the all-important outfit and hat - that will set one back at a least $500-2000.

And then it rains. It rained ALL day - we had THREE INCHES of rain - the wettest Derby on record!!! No umbrellas allowed (except for TV people like Bob Costas), only ponchos. I'm sure most shoes were totally ruined - just getting from the parking lots involved shuttle buses and VERY long walks in the rain.

I'm sure the Infield was a sea of mud. It's wild enough there anyway.

Many a Derby party was moved inside and since most are huge things and people spend a fortune getting their terrace/decks all fixed up, this is a major hassle, to say nothing of walking miles in the rain from where one parked.

Around noon yesterday and today, I watched the limos and large shuttle buses go up my street, taking people to the track. Many people in my neighborhood rent their entire house for Derby - they typically get between $5,000 and 10,000 in my neighborhood, usually shared by 2-3 couples. I looked into doing this, but it's a huge bother. Most people have custom made glass tops made for all their tables and chests (wet glasses!). The people renting expect ones house to be like a staged house or hotel - no family pictures - it truly must look staged - and then they also expect all the drawers and closets to be totally empty. People rent hanging racks for their clothes and put them in the basement and then put a lock on the basement door. Other things go in huge plastic tubs. They usually also buy new sheets/towels, or have ones that are only used for the rental. Refrigerator must be empty unless guests have asked for it to be stocked. Ice maker should be working.

Lucrative? Oh yes! People can pay their entire year's property taxes and some maintenance as well on a 3-day rental! But there is always wear and tear - remember, Derby involved Bourbon - LOTS AND LOTS of Bourbon. And, of course, one needs to be able to have family to stay with or else leave town altogether (not advised).

I just can't imagine going to that much bother unless I had a lot of help to do all this or a bunch of teens who would help me. Even then, I don't want a bunch of drunk strangers in my house.

I think the trash cans will be full for next week's pick-up - full of wet hast and ruined outfits and shoes. We did need the rain...

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