Need help for 9x10 bedroom layout

3 years ago

My daughter is moving into a 9x10 bedroom in an older home with a small closet and one window. I am starting from scratch but would love to get a queen headboard/bed to fit in the room. The entry door is on the 10' wall in the left corner and opens left against the closet door (meaning you basically have to close the bedroom door to open the closet). The closet door is on far left of 9' wall. Across from the entry door is a blank 10' wall and across from the closet door is a 9' wall with a window almost but not exactly centered. (There is more wall space to the right of the window than the left.) I do not have the exact measurements at this time. She will need more hanging storage as her closet is small. She will need a dresser. We need help with layout and maximizing space while creating a beautiful bedroom. She likes the Safavieh Rustic Wood Linen Headboard on Houzz and it comes in white and a light wood color.

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