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12yr old Goodman Heat Pump Leaking R22-Can a-coil be replaced?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago


I purchased a home with three HVAC units in NC. I requested a service check to give me a baseline on the Freon levels and condition of all 3 units. Found 22yr old Carrier 2.5-ton A/C in perfect condition. Found 7yr old Goodman 2-ton Heat Pump in perfect condition. Found 12yr old Goodman 3-ton Heat Pump missing 4 lbs Freon. Checked with contractor, and they reported a 3lb addition of Freon to this same unit in 2016. So, since the original homeowner never registered the units, and let Goodman off of the warranty hook, is it worth spending the money to leak-test the coil at the electric furnace? Wondering, since I was told that the electric furnace and the coil are one-piece units on Goodman Heat pumps. I am used to standard air conditioners and separate a-coils. If the a-coil was replaceable, then I would spend the money to leak test it, and when found, replace the a-coil. Otherwise, what's the point? I would rather buy a complete new heat pump. If the story about the a-coils and the furnace on a Goodman Heat Pump being 1-piece units is false, that would be good to know. Thanks for your help!


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