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Snake Bitten

Diana Connolly
4 years ago

I got bitten by what I assume to be a snake.. yes it was dark very dark . I felt something hit the back of my leg I had two puncture marks at my knee and and two puncture marks at back of my knee. both sets bleeding. It hurt but not terribly. I went inside took off my pants and saw the marks. I immediately called my daughter while waiting on her I googled snake bites and read poisonous snakes are the only ones who leave fang marks. I live pretty far away from a hospital so it was about 45-1 hour before I got there. There was no discoloration, bleeding had stopped.. little swelling. ER doctor acted like I was a crazy old woman because I didn't actually see what had bitten me. He didn't do much of anything except tell me he was going to keep me there and watch me for 6 hours I refused because I could watch myself as well as he could watch me.. 4 days later I do have some joint pain in my ankle.. small amount of bruising no swelling. I am at at loss at what has really bitten me. The fang marks at both places are exactly the same and 1 inch apart. What are the chances that a venomous snake bit me twice without injecting any venom ?

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