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Follow up ( WWYD - Vacation Home Hosting Request)

6 years ago

What a joy family can be, sorta kinda. I have to share the outcome of my recent dilemma about having my twentysomething cousin and her husband AND friend broadly hint they wanted to come stay in our vacation house. I eventually invited them and said I'd let all you forum members who generously shared advice and experiences of their own know how it worked out.

On Friday afternoon I got a text saying they weren't coming after all. Que letdown after all my overthinking and ruminating and fussing! Cuz had already asked if they could homestead with her parents for Memorial Day to which I had to reply no since we are full up for the weekend. Lo and behold, a few hours after cancelling she sent a VRBO link that she'd rented a condo very close to us, and they would be staying there and spending time with the family but no more request for lodging. Great news! We get to have family around, but don't have to host 4 people I don't have room for. Life is good.

And then (cue ominous music) SATURDAY AFTERNOON around 2 pm another text: we may still come down, can we stay with you? At this point my logic was that since they live 3 hours north and hadn't even left, if they did come it was gonna be a roll in at 3 am after bar crawling and, um, no that won't work for us. So I responded with a semi white lie that we were going to a charity event on the mainland-true-and might just go home after that if it was a late night-semi true-so a sleepover wouldn't work.

Our event ended early, we went back to Keys and next day saw lots of pictures on FB , evidently they did indeed come to the Keys on Saturday night and judging from the pictures seemed to have hit every bar on Key Largo so I guess they had fun. Sunday per more FB images they were liquid brunching around the time we left to actually head home.

Moral of the story is: who the heck knows?!?! But it all worked out I suppose so we'll see everybody on Memorial Day :).

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