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Moving to a New Old House

2 months ago

Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty much a lurker. I still consider you my invisible friends and inspirations.

My DH and I are planning on selling our family home and hopefully moving to a condo eventually. We live on Cape Cod and the market here is tough. We are fortunate enough to own my Mom's home that has been a rental for several years. We are going to move here until just the right condo or house comes up. Or maybe we will decide we like it, who knows?

Our tenant moved out last week. He did a bunch of unbelievable things to the house, including installing black shiny granite countertops. I had specifically told him not to touch the counters, but he did it anyway. He also partitioned off the basement into separate rooms, but that's a whole other post....

The cabinets have seen better days and I am going to paint them. The painters are due to start Wednesday so I have to decide on some colors.

Has anyone used Evergreen Fog? I got a bunch of different paint samples and this one just seemed to look nice with the stupid black counters.

The walls will be agreeable gray. I'll also be looking for some backsplash ideas.

We've been in our house for 34 years and it's about twice the size of the one we are moving to, so this is going to be quite a transition.

Can you see the nasty stain on the floor? UGH!

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