Are Asian women really faithful?

Tom Plummer

I read a lot of reviews in the internet regarding the faithfulness of Asian women. They say these women are loyalists and trustworthy enough. Facts were given in the internet that infidelity is never an issue with the women, is this even true? But I would like to know this by myself, that’s why I decided to join an asian date tour two months from now. I also want to experience how they are as one’s companion. I hope what I read were true, what d’ya think?

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First of all, are you in U.S.? If so, are you planning to find an Asian woman in the U.S. or go to Asia to find one there?

I have never been married, but I have known lots of American guys who have married or had a relationship with Asian women. Practically all of them that I have personally known of didn't work out. There were some cheating from some of the women, which is why it didn't work out. Lots of these women I knew just confided that they didn't love whom they were with. I think that they didn't love the men in the first place. They only did it to come over to live in the U.S.

I'm sure that there are some good relationships like what you are thinking of doing for yourself. But I would personally proceed with caution on this one. I've had my chances in the past to get an Asian woman, but I passed on the opportunities simply because of what I saw. If I had seen it work out very well, I would have done it myself.

I may raise some eyebrows on this. I know that one time a question like this came on a Christian discussion board; and I had replied on it. I said the very same thing as I'm saying on here. I got a few guys that told me that I was wrong. As far is I recall, none of those guys ever had an Asian woman.

Good luck to you in finding a woman for yourself!

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