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How would you solve vanity in this bathroom?

6 years ago

I am trying to choose/design right vanity for an attic bathroom.

Space is still under reconstruction, the room is full of mess and tools, so pictures wouldn't help a lot, but I've made a sketch to illustrate the problem.

On the left will be wide walk in shower (the rectangle thing is built in bench).

Vanity should come on the right wall, since the back wall doesn't have enough height.

There is about 9" space between door and the right wall.

My main concern is that, because of the door, vanity needs to be pushed toward the back wall, which is also the shortest wall. I am concerned that it would create visual imbalance on the right wall, because the shorter 2/3 of wall is filled with furniture, and taller 1/3 wall is left empty,

Usually I like wall to wall wide vanities that feel balanced.

Am I exaggerating? What would you do?

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