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Ikea Maximera drawers as ROTs in existing cabinets?

6 years ago

My dear friend's kitchen is large but the storage is awful. Only 2 of the 16 base cabinets are drawer bases. One cabinet has ROTs (roll-out trays) but the rest are ordinary base cabinets with a half shelf inside. The cabinets are pretty crappy (inexpensive thermafoil) but remodeling her kitchen is not in the cards (single working mom, 3 young children, unreliable ex) and won't be for quite some time so I'm helping her find inexpensive ways to improve her kitchen's function and storage capacity.

The least expensive option from HD is poorly reviewed and the others are cost prohibitive (starting about $110 per cabinet but could be as much as $160 per cabinet) considering how many cabinets she has.

So I looked at Ikea and unless I'm missing something, I don't see any reason why we can't use their Maximera drawer as a ROT in her cabinets. That would be about $82 per cabinet.

Am I correct in thinking this would work? Do you have any advice or tips for us? TIA!

PS. Getting the bulk of her pantry goods out of the kitchen cabinets and into a badly underused pantry closet has helped a lot. Here's the before (narrow, deep closet tucked under the stairs):

What you can't see are the builder installed 16" deep shelves in the recess to the left. We left those in place but replaced the shelves on the back wall (poorly installed by previous owner).

Here's the after:

The 2 walls of shallow shelves hold a ton of stuff! Shelf brackets are from Lowe's, about $6 each. The shelves are sanded and polyed 2x8x12 boards, cut to fit. Total cost was about $160. (chairs are stored in the attic.)

When my DH has time, we're going to add between stud storage on the opposite wall.

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