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curbless shower linear drain questions

6 years ago

I have a 40 X 36 existing space. I want a curbless shower stall that is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a 36" linear shower drain.

I've watched dozens of shower install videos and none quite answer my questions.

I have the membrane and the sealant and adhesive and i'm pretty sure I could make a curbed shower with a center drain.

But I'm using large tiles and I want the whole room the same right into the shower

All show LOTS of mortar under the shower but if i want it flat and curbless in an existing space do I need that much mortar?

I'm thinking I could could put the membrane down, start with an inch of mortar at the back sloping down to 1/2" at the front to meet the adjacent backer board and drop my linear drain in between.

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