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New rose garden- help me choose roses

4 years ago

Hi there. I posted this Q already but there was a system bug...

i am planning rose garden and want some advice. Here is the simple plan of that part of our garden.

i dont know which roses to put where. Can you please advise?

1. Should i put red-yellow-salmon colored roses together on one side, and all pink on the other? Or will it be better to have similar colored roses on both sides of the entrance? If so which ones? Entrance is in between 2 rose patches. This 4 entrance roses are tricky so i really need advise here...

2. Where to put Grafin Diana? it is dark colored so maybe more to the side?

3. I have many light pink roses. Should i plant them all together? or better to have other colors in between?

I have *all names are European

- Grafin Diana from Kordes

- Walfergange from Lens

- Lavagut from Kordes,

- Parole from Kordes

- Souvenir de Baden Baden from Kordes

- Elisa from Kordes

- Limona from Kordes

- Botticelli from Meilland

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