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Please help me decorate my small dining space!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi there! I'm trying this again, with more pictures!!!

Please help!

This is our dining space below. It is approximately 10' long (with a door) and around 8' wide. (this is an estimate). It is adjacent to our kitchen, which is also pictured below. We want to replace our dining set and redecorate to make the space more cohesive with the rest of our home. Currently this table that we have is 6' long and 40" wide and is too big for the space, it overwhelms it because it is dark and because it is HUGE. When we bought it we did it strictly thinking it would be good for hosting family dinners. It is way too big. The space is also right under stairs that lead to an upstairs loft/game room and the other side of the stairs is in our den/family room which is also adjacent to the kitchen. (it's all open, the kitchen looks into the den)

View of dining area from kitchen.

This is a view of the dining space from the den/family room.

View of Kitchen also, for perspective.

We are planning on replacing the table with this set.

The table is 48" long and can be extended to 66" for family functions.

We want to make sure this size should work in the space as well as curious to see how we could decorate the area to make it more cohesive/blended with the area around it. I would like to replace the china cabinet with a buffet/server but that may have to wait , or maybe I will repaint the china cabinet or remove the top and replace it with a new top and paint it, I am not sure.

Do we need to add a rug to the space? different artwork? what about the buffet/china situation? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

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