Shelves dilemma what color wood

Jessica Rich
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago


My living room has this awkward space between two walls. I am going to hire a carpenter to do built in wood shelves.

What color should I do?

Dark like the floor or light like the crate? Or in the middle like the wood cutting board.

Should I do 7 (left side tape) or 6 (right side tape) shelves?

(I can easily remove the light; it’s a plug-in.) Pretty sure I will do that.

Last 2 are inspiration pictures.

Bonus question: should I get a mantle installed over the fireplace? I was thinking of a long floating wood shelf that would go under the first row of tile for the entire width of the wall. I could get a natural live edge wood or light wood that would just be squared off

Thanks so much!


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