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Trade list /wish list/giveaway list, for Raleigh, NC. Spring swap 2018

Sabji garden (7b), Raleigh NC
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

There ya go!!

Start your collections and make a list..

Triangle John ( one runs this swap thing, successfully for many many years!!) will post the date soon.

Hello John, Hope you have a date soon..

so,... here it is.. start posting, the plant material to trade, giveaway, acquire, etc.

It can be plants, pods, vines, fruits, vegetables, herbs, cuttings rooted/ non rooted, bare root, seeds, tubers journal books magazines etc. pertaining to gardening, Containers, ... you get the picture.

Do not hesitate to bring anything you have extra.. even if you feel you had brought it in the earlier swaps and no one looked at it..They are always a few new faces. Moreover, some may have lost them to the Freezing cold this winter. I know I lost some fruit trees :-((. Lost three figs again!!! and my persimmon seems to be in bad shape. :-(

We always have more than enough plants and many people who adopt castaway plants.

Let the Games Begin !!!

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