My niece is doing well but her flat is disaster...


My niece lost her mother at age 12 (my babysister) and her stepdad took right away older woman who has no abilities to feel emphaty for the children. (There is a brother too, who was 8 the time their mothers death). The new "mom" has told the day one how she waits when the children moves out and she can be in peace.
Now my niece has lived on her own half a year and doing fine she turned 18 last month, school is going well, she has friends etc. BUT she hasn´t let anyone to visit her in her flat. And this weekend her grandmother and stepdad went to her flat to check what´s going on and there was room of full of everything you can imagine, even flies...
They are going to psychiatric tomorrow to talk about the situation and get some help. I think it´s because this trauma losing her mother and being in that kind of situation where there hasn´t been any motional help for her. We others has tried to help children as much as we can but they hasn´t wanted to move out there cause they has been afraid the stepdad would kill himself. Sounds very nice isn´t it? But socialservice hasn´t done anything cause this new mom is brilliant to talk black to white if you know what I mean.
Just asking should I be really worried about her or just belive it´s going to be fine while visiting professional regularly? Cause she take care about her hygiene and clothes are always clean but the flat is disaster..... What do you think?

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Sylvia Gordon

It sounds like family is helping her.

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