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Replacing carpet with wood - remove baseboards? Or add shoe?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I have had several quotes from local flooring companies to rip out 500 sf of carpet and replace it with engineered wood. All different price ranges of materials. Clearly one company is pricier, but they have a excellent reputation to go along with that price. ( The others are no slouches, I would not bother with a quote from anyone that I was not comfortable with as far as reviews).

But it one thing they all have included in their estimates is adding shoe molding - nothing about removing baseboards. I actually had not thought about it until I was reading up on the installation requirements for one product and that was stated. So I did a little googling and it seems like this is done often. Should I ask for the companies to requote with that included? Does it matter in the finished floor? What is the norm in other’s experiences?

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