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Looking for a house to have the wedding ceremony

Hi guys, we are looking for a house with a good lawn to rent for our wedding. The plan is to spend 1/2 days there and make the event as family-friendly as possible. We will do the ceremony in the lawn and the catering in the house/patio depending on the property.

We are a bit inexperienced at this so we're a bit overwhelmed by how hard it is to find the place we have in mind :) Would appreciate any help from anyone with interest/expertise in all this so that perhaps we can start looking into the right places instead of browsing through thousands of properties :D

More details about our plan:

Guests: around 40-50

Date: somewhere between May 15 2018 and June 30 2018

House budget: somewhere between $2000-$3000

Ocean view: gladly, we prefer coastal

Area: South California coast, hopefully within 2 hours travel from Los Angeles

Night stay: yes, please, 1 or 2 nights

Staff provided: we are open, not necessary

Cleaning included: would be interesting

Thank you so much to anyone who can help with some info :D

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