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Broader discussion re: closets Vs. non-fixed storage solutions.

4 years ago
Mary’s coat closet thread, , opened up a whole new line of thinking in my brain about preferences for fixed closets versus other storage options around the home. For instance, outside my children’s shared bath, which has a decent closet already built-in, there’s an alcove where I could have a closet framed in. In my mind, however, I’ve always pictured something free-standing in that space. It may or may not be custom-built to coordinate with my other custom cabinetry, and the use for the space could change over time. I had the same choice at the end of the hall, where instead of looking at a closet door, I opted to make DD’s closet bigger, only leaving space for a small table, artwork, etc., since it will be visible from the main area of the home. There is already a small closet to the right of the bathroom door. What are your thoughts? Should every nook be filled with closets in the name of “more storage,” or should some spaces be left for personal interpretation?

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