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Just made liquid soap for the first time

Mrs Pete
6 years ago

As advertised, I just made liquid soap for the first time over the weekend, and I have a question.

First, here's how I did it:

- 8 oz bar of soap, run through the food processor

- 2 Tbsp glycerine

- 1 gallon distilled water

I am thrilled with the scent (lemon) ... it cleans well ... but I have one noticeable problem: When I pump out the soap, it "leaves a trail" between my hand and the bottle. That is, instead of the soap squirt "stopping" when the pump is finished, a bit of the soap "strings out" and leaves a mess. My husband says it looks like a "snot trail".

I'm wondering if the problem is excessive glycerine. Perhaps I bought a bar of soap that was high-glycerine (?), then I added what the recipe requested. I'll definitely do this again, and I'd like to use the same brand of soap (love the smell) ... what would you think about cutting the glycerine down to 1 Tbsp?

Just for the record, this recipe made 1 gallon of liquid soap and cost 5.60 .

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