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Step parenting help!! Step kids :(

M Martin
6 years ago

I have been married to my hub for 10 years. I have 2 older step kids and we have 2 young children of our own. Bio mother is gone. The oldest is married and out of the house the younger one is in college (so home on weekends and breaks). I can not stand either one of them. They are the most selfish spoiled possessive people on the planet. As years go by the older they get- the worse it gets. For years I have thought it would get better as they grew up and that’s not the case. The 22 yr old stalks my hubby. She calls and texts him all day everyday. My hubby does the same- almost as though he wants this to continue. He is so worried about upsetting one of them so he won’t stop this behavior even though he knows it’s not healthy. The older is downright back stabbing and vindictive to me and is so fake -has done soooo many mean things to me I could write a book. I’m sick of having no life outside of them- sick of being put behind them (especially since they are grown adults now) and sick of our young children being put second to them. The older is pregnant now and I am dreading that. I don’t want more reasons to spend time with them. They smother me enough as it is. Divorce is not an option. I don’t want to do that to my kids. I do truly love my husband- I just don’t like husband kids. I can not talk to him about this for obvious reasons but also because he will just get defensive and it will erupt into a fight. I just want help-insight- advice on how to handle this or how to accept it. I need separation from his kids. Please help ladies. Any advice is appreciated.

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