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Moving the laundry room to a closet

mxk3 z5b_MI
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I don't know what to do with this blasted laundry room I have. First issue is venting of the dryer, which I posted about (extremely long vent run) - ventless dryer seems to be the way to go. Second issue is the layout of the laundry area. The machines are in the mudroom between the garage entry and the kitchen. This is not a big space, the two machines + sink take up one entire wall, and there is no storage to speak of besides one dinky cabinet above the sink. Our mudroom needs to be functional in terms of dropping off shoes (no shoes in the house!), coats, place to set groceries before storing, bringing in the dog, etc. Functionality of this mudroom is a priority. I was thinking of moving the appliances to the wall that has the entry door but realized because of the depth of the machines I'd still end up with lack of much storage and counter space.

Then I got the idea to switch the walk-in pantry to the mudroom and put the laundry equipment in the pantry! I wouldn't have much storage in there, but I can put detergent/bleach/etc on the built-in shelves and get the storage units under front-loaders, where I can stick dirty laundry (or put laundry baskets on top of the machines). Behind the wall to the left of where the machines would go (55" length of wall) is a shower, and the room directly behind where the w/d would go is the master bath with tub and shower. So there's plumbing behind two walls there but not sure if the lines can be hooked in. Right now my washer drains directly into a line to the septic, doesn't drain to a washtub so not sure of the logistics of that/the plumbing.

If I did this I could really open up the mudroom space and make a super-functional area with lots cabinetry/storage, small counter sink, countertop, etc., and it could be made into a beautiful extension of my kitchen (matching cabinetry, countertops, flooring) - I would love that!

Is this do-able? If do-able, is it stupid? Like, who moves a laundry room to a closet LOL!

Pics of what I've got now:

This pantry is 55" width x 45" depth. Out of the picture to the left is recessed shelving area, where I could store stuff.


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