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6 years ago

I'm wondering if the rest of you are seeing a decline in the owls that come to your area? When we first moved out here, (in the country), I could hear screech owls. I haven't heard them in a couple decades. Then the barred owls were pretty common around here. One evening my son and I followed a group of 3 of them around our property. It was so neat! I loved hearing them getting going, talking to each other and sounding like a group of monkeys.

Then one year I heard a parent great horned owl talking to it's youngster. Then one year I heard 2 great horned adults talking to each other. But I haven't heard much of anything for a year or 2. I know there are a lot of factors that I'm not considering, but in light of all the development close to here, etc., I can't help thinking we humans are the cause of there being fewer around here. I miss them.

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