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Help me pick backsplash tile for MCM home

6 years ago

Greetings! I haven't been to the kitchen forum for a while, as we completed our last kitchen reno back in 2010. We're now in a new home in an entirely different part of the country. The home is a 1954 MCM with a remuddled kitchen that is unfortunate, but not so unforgivable to force me to tear out and start over, given the other things we need to do to this house first (roof, wall, landscaping, etc.). It was a rental for about ten years, and it appears the choices were made accordingly.

I am not in any shape or fashion a fan of the granite, but I don't want to replace it at this time. I know myself. If I decided to rip out the granite, I would wind up wanting to gut the place and move everything around. I'm wanting to put in a backsplash to just neaten it all up a bit for the next 5-6 years.

I've found a tile design that we both like, and that (I think) will work with the both decidedly-not-MCM granite and the aesthetic I'm going for (MCM, but organic rather than glam). Picking colors is a challenge given the four different wood tones in the room (ceiling, window trim, cabinets, floor) and the (hideous) granite.

Photos below give you the general layout of the kitchen, as well as the countertop and tile options. The backsplash would go only on the sink/range walls and not on the fridge wall.

The cream goes better with my general idea of how the space should look, but the gray (I think) goes a bit better with the granite itself. Grout would match the tile as closely as possible. We can always paint the kitchen if needed (but if going grayer, may wind up fighting with the wood tones). What are your thoughts? Welcoming all comments, even if you tell me I'm 100% off and need to do something totally different.

Below: cream on left, gray on right.

Below: cream

Below: gray

Below: gray on left, cream on right

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