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Best Transplant Procedure for Succulents

I have noticed that most of the succulents I have lost to root rot develop that condition within a week or two of my transplanting the plant. What is the best procedure to follow for a transplant?

What I have been doing is to take the plant out of the nursery pot, stripping away all of the "bad" soil to expose bare roots, washing off any remaining dirt, and then planting in gritty mix (turface, bark, and stone, all filtered for size). I think the mistake I make at this point is that I then water the gritty mix. Probably I should just leave the plant dry for a week, to give the roots time to heal? Then you can optionally water a week later, depending on whether it is a plant that can survive cold+wet conditions (assuming it is winter)....

If there is a better procedure to follow when transplanting from nursery soil to gritty mix, please let me know what that is.

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