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Why is engineered wood floor crowning?

6 years ago

In my recently renovated house, I used engineered wood flooring for the basement level in large part due to its ability to address humidity issues better than traditional hardwood floors. Installed by the same company that installed "regular" hardwood floors in upper levels. I've started noticing areas of what I believe is called "crowning" - i.e., the center of the board is raised up. Or it might be more accurate to say some boards seem to be very slightly elevated and when you rap on them, they sound more "hollow" than other boards.

Some of these problematic boards are in my wine cellar but before you suggest that the higher humidity levels in there have caused this, please note that the problem exists in the basement bedroom too, which I assure you is not humid. Also in my wine cellar, the front board the first stair tread is pulling away and so is the riser to which it attaches.

I am trying to figure out what is causing this so I can get it properly corrected. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

I'm attaching pictures.

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