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Whiskey Down The Drain

4 years ago

Greetings All: Over the years I have thrown lots of parties for holidays and such w/ alcohol for those who wished to partake. I don't drink, and do not entertain anymore, so I would like the cabinet space. I have several unopened bottles of mid grade liquor (one 1.75 liter & two 750 ml Seagram's Gin; one liter 1984 Canadian Club Whiskey). I have partial bottles of those along with Dewar's whiskey, Bacardi rum, Smirnoff vodka. Not to mention unopened bottles of wine & sparkling wine.

I am at a loss what to do with it because it's illegal to resell alcohol here. Seems ashamed to throw it down sink and I would like to get at least a gratuity out of it. Most of my friends/family prefer beer and wine cooler type drinks. Any suggestions on dispossession would be appreciated. Thanks.

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