Exterior Ideas Needed: 1929 brick home needs new siding

Drew Sing
3 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'd love any ideas/tips for exterior rehab of only the southside of my 1929 brick veneer home I've just purchased that needs some love :-).

In the pictures (here's a video too) you'll notice it's a pretty large wall that the brick failed on, so I'd like to use a different siding material that isn't as expensive as redoing with brick again (hard to find, labor expensive). I plan on leaving brick on other remaining 3 sides.

I like the classic character of the home, but in a good way, the lines are very clean and might be able to pull off an exterior that's leans a tad modern on southside.

I was thinking of using old growth cedar lap siding with a deep red stain on this entire side. Any suggestions on window trim style and color would be amazing. Definitely open to other siding and window style suggestions though that are reasonably economical (and beautiful!). Luckily, this side isn't fully exposed to the street with the home next door blocking it - you'd only see this side if you drove toward it.

What style is this home? Doesn't look like a traditional tudor.

All ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Failed brick to the left of the house

Neighbor's home is to the left (that's his car in his driveway in the bottom left corner).

Failed brick is to the left of the house

Shiplap siding and the 5 windows I need to replace - Suggestions?

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