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An "OMG, What To Do With It" Early Christmas Gift!

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

My DH's good friend is a major wine connoisseur and collector, who is retired and travels the world regularly. He and DH talk wine a lot, and he knows that we love our wines and have a couple of glasses every evening with our dinner. And so, he shows up at DH's office recently with an early Christmas gift, a bottle of wine worth between $1,500- $2,000. Seriously! I am blown away, and now DH wants me to plan a dinner for the two of us to eat with it. This weekend! At first, we thought that we should not take away from the wine with anything more than a couple carefully chosen cheeses and perhaps grapes or pears. But, both the gifter and DH's expert at our wine shop told DH, "No, you need to eat a gourmet meal with it! Something rich, preferably."

Another friend, gave DH some fresh elk tenderloin steaks the other day, and so now I'm supposed to use them in this dinner! Don't get me wrong, I'm an excellent cook and so is DH, but the magnitude of these decisions is stressing me out!

So, I found a recipe we can agree on that calls for me to marinate the steaks in a good Italian dressing and some herbs. He wants to find a good wine-based sauce for it. Grilling it will be DH's job, because you can't overcook elk, or it gets tough. Elk tenderloin is actually our go-to main course at our favorite Santa Fe restaurant, Geronimo, so we have eaten it many times there. Anyhoo, I have some good Truffle cheese and pears. I have steamed and peeled, ready to eat baby beets from Trader Joes that I could possibly do something with, salad-wise. We don't eat white or brown rice, or potatoes, but I do have a great recipe for wild rice with pinon nuts that we love. Or a wild mushroom risotto that I make with quinoa. And, if I can possibly find a rutabaga, I have this recipe from the blog I follow, North Wild, that I'm anxious to try: Cheesy Rutabaga, Bread & Beer Bake with Vinegary Greens, Toasted Mustard Seeds and Horseradish. I bought all the ingredients for it, except for the rutabaga and brown rather than yellow mustard seeds yesterday at Trader Joes.

For dessert, I may just swing by a French bakery we like while running errands with DH tomorrow morning and pick up something very chocolaty. Or just go with the pears and truffle cheese.

What do you think???????

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