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Hand railing vs code in narrow Colonial stairs

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I have a 1939 Colonial (with historical provenance) that I spent a year renovating.

Fortunately, the inspector didn't force me to a add a code railing to my stair since the stairs are original and it's impossible to make a continuous railing without removing the original newel posts, baluster and spindles.

However, when my grandchildren visit, they need a railing and I'd like to add something.

The problem is, the space is so narrow, that to move any furniture up and down the steps, I'd like the railing to be easily removable and reattached.

The width is 36" until you get to the 2nd floor trim, then it shrinks to 33 inches.



View 1:

The paneling is solid wood (though dried out), not over sheetrock. Ceilings are original plaster.

View 2:

The upper walls are plaster over lathe.

Detail 1:

Detail 2:

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