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Looking for sugestions for nursing home resident

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

DH and I are traveling 100 miles to spend the bulk of Thanksgiving Day with my sister so she won't be alone without family in a nursing home. We will stop on the way there at a Cracker Barrel and have our dinner before we see her. I am sure the nursing home will feed her well with all the trimmins' of a Thanksgiving meal before we get there. I have been busy today gathering up items to take to her. Along with coloring books, gel pens, colored pencils, I have put together a small box containing rubber bands, twist ties, safety pins, eraser, paper clips, small post it notes, and Dh just went to Staples to find a small pencil sharpener for the colored pencils. Any thoughts on what other handy items I could add.

I don't want to 'dump' too much on her because she may have to move in a couple weeks to a different place, and presently she has a roommate.

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