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AJ Madison is awful - doesn’t care about their customers

John Lee
5 years ago

I bought over $12,000 worth of appliances from AJ Madison. I had to return my dishwasher. After telling me in writing they’d do a return and sending the paperwork, they changed their mind. This was after a week of silence from them. When I finally got in touch with someone who was willing to talk to me (you cannot talk to anyone but the person who “helped” you before - and you're told things like that person leaves at 3pm or is off tomorrow so they will get back to you another time) I was told there were no managers on duty or escalation that could be made to my call. This repeated for a week. There are no managers or supervisors working at AJ Madison apparently.

After weeks of being strung along, i received an email from the person who ”helped” finally copying management. She distorted all the facts and dismissed me. I sent back all of my written proof to the managers and nobody contacted me. I shamed them on social media and they responded to me and told me someone would contact me. Nobody ever did. I live chatted with them on their site and they told me that someone would call my by noon that day. Nobody ever called. Nobody ever calls. They don’t care and make that abundantly clear. They commit to call and never call. Their actions make it very clear they don’t give a hoot about their customers. All i want is a call! Do not use them. Go elsewhere and spend more money if you must. Save yourself the aggravation, heartache and frustration of dealing with such an awful company. They should be ashamed of their disgraceful service. It’s shocking that their still in business.

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