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Need pruning advice for young Acacia boormanii please

Stacey Moss
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hi there, I need some pruning advice
for my young Acacia boormanii. I recently read that in order to achieve a nice
shape once mature you need to prune it when young (makes sense) and I'm very
worried about the shape of my wattle. I hope you can see from the photos it's
basically got 2 very thin trunks instead of one main sturdy one, and four long
dangly branches that aren't strong enough to support their own weight.

Should I be cutting those back to make the wattle form a sturdier trunk, and a nicer shape? I think it should be
shooting closer to the trunk, rather than at the very ends of these branches,
no? Please, I would love some guidance.

Note, in the images, it is unattached from the stake.


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