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Young Jap Maples including 2 Seedlings Advice Sought please.6 Pictures

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Good day to you Maple Lovers

Here for my Latest Post are a Small Selection of Maples 4 of which I required yet again from the Bargain Basement for 99p,probably around 75 Cents....The other 2 are seedlings.

Your professional advice would be appreciated as always about the best Course of action in helping maintain them.

Hopefully I will acquire enough Knowledge soon so I can start giving out some advice myself....Its coming but I have learnt and respect it takes time....

The first 4 pictures are 2 Butterfly Maples & 2 Little Princess Maples

The Last 2 Maples are 2 Seedlings

I always worry when I see more than 1 stem coming out of the soil on a Maple Example.Would I be right to ?..Any Pruning Advice on the 4 Little Fellas would be very helpful.

The 2 Seedlings have just been put into Pots 2 days ago.I'm a little worried with the Cold weather due.I was unsure what else to do with these Babies so considered and decided on this option.We do get some severe winter weather here in the UK.Temperatures dont get too low but Rainfall can occasionally be of Biblical Proportions.Do these Seedlings need to stay in the open air or would partial shelter be advisable or even a Cold Frame ?

Once again I would like to thank all the Gardenweb Community who have been Patient helped me with my Enquiries over my Japanese Maple Enquiries

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