How to improve the taste of juice?

Mena Xiao

I just bought a new juice blender and tried to make juice myself at home, but just found the juice I made didn't taste good as I expected. I don't know whether it is because I mismatch the fruits or I should add something else to make flavour better. Anybody knows how to improve the taste of juice?

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Add booze!

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Mrs. S

buy a powdered additive to make it a "smoothie". there are all types, some healthier than others. But for our family, those powders make it drinkable! And I like to cover up the taste of the protein powders we add as well.

One of my favorite drinks, with a varying recipe, uses PBFit, which is powdered peanut butter, easy to find at Target and Walmart. Use it with frozen bananas, maybe some cocoa powder.

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The taste of juice is directly related to the taste/quality of what goes into it. If you are new to this, I'd suggest trying each ingredient separately, and then adding only one other ingredient to see how you like it. Take notes so you'll remember!

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Lindac you again slay me! And I agree.

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