North American dewberries

Berry Allen z3-4 eu

Hi, I'm new here and don't know how active this board is but let's see if we can get some dewberry conversation going.

I mostly grow raspberries and blackberries and I've taken an interest in the more elusive (from an European perspective) varieties out there. We do have a native European dewberry that has blue berries but I'm more interested in the types you have growing in the US and Canada since some of those might be hardy enough to make in our climate.

There are few different species that I'm aware of, the southern dewberry, or rubus trivialis which grows all the way to Mexico, and the northern dewberry, or rubus flagellaris which is the one that grows all the way to eastern Canada. (If you know of a source, pls let me know :) ) Austin Mayes belongs to the latter species as an example.

The pacific blackberry, or rubus ursinus can also be considered a dewberry and grows all the way up to British Columbia and is the ancestor of most trailing blackberries and loganberry, while Youngberry and probably Boysenberry have some input from rubus flagellaris as well. Rubus ursinus is not hardy in continental Europe but I was nonetheless able to aquire a specimen from Kore wild fruit nursery in the UK and I'm looking forward to seeing it fruit.

What I'm interested in learning is how these varieties differ from each other as pictures won't tell me how they taste or behave. Any experiences you might have are most welcome, especially about northern dewberry, I wonder what they taste like and how much cold can they tolerate. And if someone could point out a source that offers international shipping I'd be most grateful.

I would have liked to post pictures of each variety but apart from rubus ursinus there aren't alot of pics out there and I can't be sure what I would be posting. So, any dewberry experiences?

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