Can someone please explain tree height to me?

Susan C
4 years ago

I've been trying to figure out the just-right tree for our tiny front yard, tho we have a very tall house - 3 stories. So I've been looking at trees that will grow 12-20 feet in 10 years. But I look around in the neighborhood and I see tall trees planted right next to houses all the time. I suppose in some cases the tree was there before the house. I doubt that was the case in these neighbors - see photo. A regular Katsura planted only about 2' away from a fence. I've got the Heronswood Globe Katsura on my short list of trees to plant. Should I just go for a regular Katsura, and ignore that some day it could grow to 80 feet? I'm afraid if I go for the dwarf, it might never make it past 8 ft, or if it does, it might take 10 years. Does a tree know when it has a small yard it's not supposed to grow to full height?

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