It’s Fall, and I spent the weekend in the woods!

4 years ago

Well, mostly. I have to tell you all about my fantastic women’s weekend. Of course you know my screen name gives away the fact I have always loved the outdoors. So, the Alabama Conseevation and Fisheries Dept has an event twice a year called Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW),held at a 4H camp about 2 hours from here. DD and I, a friend of DD’s and several other running friends and acquaintances of mine attended this weekend and we had so much fun!

It’s basically camp for women with 4 sessions in things from canoeing, photography, frontier skills, Dutch oven cooking, riflery, pistol or shotgun shooting, archery, geocaching, ATV handling, boating skills, etc. You get the idea. We stayed in a dorm type room - double bunks with a private bath. Food was provided. The whole shebang was $275 for 4 classes, lodging and food. Yeah, not the Hilton or a 4-star restaurant, but we didn’t go hungry either. And the experience was wonderful.

I have a new favorite sport - archery. Just fell in love with the peaceful, mental focus of it. And can’t wait to do it again and hone my skills. I also loved the challenge of the ATV, plus we learned the mechanics of the vehicle, safety, etc involved in everything. I also took Medicinal and Edible Plants, and Get your Bearings which involved learning how to use the compass in the woods, reading topo maps and other things. I can’t wait to go again, maybe in the spring session, but next fall for sure, and take more sessions. Other states have this too. If you are interested, check it out. The instructors were the best, and it is NOT intimidating at all.

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