Experience with Hypericum species?

K K (Zone 8)

I recently purchased several Hypericum inodorum 'Magical Passion' at a plant sale. Long story short, I had been wanting native Hypericum species to stabilize a slope I have and was in a rush and grabbed these up, assuming they were native. Now that I got home and researched the species I realize they are not. I hate to toss out all these plants (7), but did have my heart set on using a native like Hypericum prolificum. However, I am having a hard time sourcing the native ones where I live. Anyone have any thoughts on how invasive Hypericum inodorum is and whether it's worth it to seek out the native version? I am in Zone 8. Thanks in advance.

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gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

It is no more invasive than any other shrubby form of St. John's wort but does have the ability to self-seed. But then so does H. prolificum, which is considered an invasive species in Connecticut where it has escaped from culitvation and has naturalized wild areas.

The 'Magical' series has produced plants that offer a wide selection of berry colors and are in demand for the florist trade, as the berries are used in cut flower bouquets. It should also be more or less evergeen in a zone 8 climate.

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