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Need advice on choosing between double island or peninsula.

6 years ago

I accidentally posted this under a new Houzz account (that I didn't know I had) and now I have no way to delete the original post. Arghhh! Since some have helped me already with this kitchen layout, I thought it might be better to post under my correct, gardenweb user name. Sorry for the confusion.

We finally signed off on our cabinet order; it's in production so I can't make any major changes. But I still have one nagging concern about our beach house kitchen layout. Our design has a center island, where most prep will be done and a peninsula, where people hang out with drinks, computers etc and have light meals/snacks. I like this layout because it keeps the riff raff and their clutter out of my way while I cook but I can still socialize with everyone. The problem is that in order to take food outside to cook or eat, one has to walk around the peninsula to get to the sliders that lead to the back porch.

I'm wondering if we would be better off turning the peninsula into a second island, to create better flow. I can still use the cabinets that I ordered; they would just need to be rearranged. Can someone help me choose the best option? And if two islands is the way to go, do they have to be the same size? I'd prefer the second one to be a little narrower but I don't know if that would look unbalanced. TIA!

Note: The layouts below are not perfectly to scale. The aisles are all 45" or more and the cabinets don't really butt right up to the sliders.

Current Plan

Proposed Double Islands

First Floor Plan

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