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Seed Swap

5 years ago

I also posted this in the Oklahima frugal garden group on facebook.


1. Send in at least 10 packets of seeds. Any type or variety; 10 different ones or 10 of the same. Just keep in mind, the more variety you send in, the more variety you'll get back.

1a. Send in "a fair amount", meaning an amount you'd be happy to get in a trade. Most swaps I've done had 10-15 seeds; more than that when they're tiny or common plants, and fewer (6 or so) when they're larger seeds or unusual plants.

1b. Seeds can be harvested from your garden, bought, received in another trade, whatever you wish to contribute.

1c. Minimum amount of packets is 10, but if you wish to be overly generous, send more. The more sent, the more you'll get back. All packets will be split between the players. (If I get 100 packets and 5 participants, everyone will get back 20 packets)

2. Send seeds in a bubble envelope, and include $5 for the return trip. It usually costs less than $3 to mail a 5"x7" packed bubble envelope, but the extra is just in case. I'll try to drop the change in before they seal them.

3. Also include a wishlist. Be as general (red flowers) or as specific (green zebra tomatoes) as you'd like. I'll try to fill as many as I can. And if you let me know ahead of time about specific requests, I'll keep an eye out when I'm doing my other swaps.

Packets need to be sent by November 15, and I'll plan on sending them back by thanksgiving. This should give us all plenty of time to harvest lots of goodies for sharing.

Sign up on here, then PM if you want to participate & I'll send you my address.