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Sign Up for 2016 Wish List Seed Swap (WLOMWL Swap)

7 years ago

I'm hosting the Wish List Seed Swap (WLOMWL Swap) again this year on I created a cubit last year just for this swap and have been updating it for this year. A cubit is a flexible tool and works well for this type swap.

Some saw activity in the cubit when I was updating and have signed up already. No one is late to the party though, and new participants are always welcome. Sign up goes until December 5, and seeds are to be mailed to me by Jan. 17. There are lots of other activities during that time period and many work extra hours, so we allow plenty of time to fill seed packets, hoping the swap will be fun and not stressful for all.

The rules and guidelines are basically the same with a couple of tweaks to eliminate recurring problems. Here's a link to the swap: where you can find all the details.

E-mail me at if you need help getting there. If you participated last year, you are still a member of Cubits and the Wish List Seed Swap. If you are new, you do have to join Cubits and the Wish List Seed Swap cubit, but it's easy and free with no strings attached.

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