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Meyer Lemon Yellow Spots/Blotches on Leaves, Dropping

6 years ago

Hello, I have a several year old potted Meyer Lemon that has developed some sort of ailment. Over the last couple weeks, it has gone from developing yellow spots on some of the leaves to dropping leaves. When I first noticed the issue, I thought it was a nutrient deficiency so I applied the basic Espoma 2-2-2 organic fertilizer that I usually use for my potted plants. I had not been feeding the tree heavily this year because it didn't have any fruit (previous spider mite issue over the winter cleaned off all the leaves and lemons).

The tree's situation hasn't improved since I applied the fertilizer last week, and it has now begun to drop leaves. In my previous experience, once the Meyer Lemon starts dropping leaves, there's already a very serious problem that has taken hold.

I see no traces of mites or scale insects, so I assume it is either a nutrient deficiency or a disease. The spotting patterns on the leaves are quite distinct, so I am hoping that someone might be able to identify the issue more confidently than I have been able to.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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