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White Shaker Doors? MDF, HDF, Solid Wood, Floating Center Panel?

Curt Bulloch
6 years ago

Any ideas or comments on how your White Shaker Doors are holding up and what are they made out of: MDF, HDF, Solid Wood or Frame with center floating HDF Panel? Any cracks on the seams?

What brand did you go with?

I am Looking at the following Brands:

Lilly Ann Colorado White Shaker

BestOnline Cabinets White Shaker Titusville or Palmdale

Custom Service Hardware White Dover Shaker JSI cabinets?

RTA Cabinet Store white shaker

Most of the boxes are made the same: Birch or Maple, it's the doors that a mystery on how long or the quality of the finish paint, I don't like the glossy look, looking for a Matte finish.

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