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Need help in bathroom floor tile choices

Jennifer Lyle
5 years ago

I'm not happy with the vinyl plank flooring someone else chose (see pic); I plan to replace with floor tile and would really appreciate help with this as the process is new to me.

My colors will be directed by the existing tub/shower square tiles that are medium grey with cobalt blue accent (see pics, tho the exact tone of the grey is hard to see). The same person who selected the flooring selected a pale grey paint for the wall. I don't see a paint color name on the can; She also suggested a dark grey vanity top but I am not committed to that, especially as I've been reading that dark counters show spills and spots a lot. To me, it was all headed toward nice but bland which is anathema to me.

I live in a pre-1920s home in Ohio, three floor, traditional in style and I am transitional/eclectic in my own taste. I'm not afraid of bold choices but not just for the sake of being bold. This bathroom is the one that gets the most use in the house so I want to get this right. Also, we are an older couple (63 and 76) and just the two of us live here with our little dog, so we won't stay here forever, but for the time that we remain here I want my bathroom to be nice! Tired of living with tired old dowdiness. And want to be able to move on to a larger kitchen renovation.

My other major open decision is the countertop. The vanity, which will be just 16" deep due to our size, will be a cabinet-style and will be white. I'm probably headed toward a quartz style top - not interested in marble or granite. I'll need to either choose the top and then the floor or the other way around.

My bathroom is a long rectangle with a large old wood frame window opposite the doorway. At its longest it is 9'. The tub/shower is on the left of the door, starting about 18" from the doorway and set in about 6" in from the doorway. At the far end of the tub/shower near the window is a toilet alcove. The vanity will be on the wall opposite the tub and toilet. Outside the bath is a carpeted hallway. At its narrowest - between the tub and the vanity-to-be - it's 29.5". The full width - from alcove to opposite wall - is 75.5".

I don't have too many initial ideas, but I'm concerned that a lot of the tile I've looked at might bring it to a more modern feel than is appropriate; I'm also concerned about bland. I wonder whether there's a way to make use of the cobalt blue accent in the floor tile., but It seems like it could be fun to do something with a pattern or contrasts but I wonder whether the floor should be all one color and style of tile since there's so little floor space.

On a lesser topic, the wall paint is Valspar Ultra 2000. My understanding (limited) is that you should use very high quality paint and that Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Glidden are the best, but perhaps this Valspar is just as good. Any thoughts?

For now, I'm primarily interested in thoughts/suggestions about the floor but also appreciate any additional design thoughts. Thanks.

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