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Need help with small kitchen counter space design

David Rynn
5 years ago


I've got a small difficult kitchen that is, unfortunately, the entry room of the apartment. Due to budget, building and space restraints I'm kind of stuck with the layout I have. I haven't installed the base cabinets and counter yet. There's very little counter space so I'm thinking of making the counter wider on one wall at a point where it allows for clearance of the oven door. Here are some floor plan pics, first with a narrow counter on the east wall, then with a varied counter:

The thinner countertop is more aesthetically pleasing when you walk in, but without the deeper base cabinets I'm worried I'll have no counter space really. I don't think the thinner cabinets will allow for much with respect to preparing food. So I'd like to go with the second approach but wonder what people think. Would it look too weird?


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