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My boys haircuts OMG

6 years ago

The kids return to school in a week so time for haircuts. Typically I'd wait until a couple days before school starts but, my sons GF's brother owns a newish salon in my town and was offering free back to school hair cuts which was very generous so my sons GF I'll call her Cathy offered to give the boys and I a drive in for the cuts as we've never been there. Both boys get a short spike type cut. Chip went first and all went well as a matter of fact his hair looked great the stylist a young lady did a wonderful job. Tim my soon to be 10yo and very shy went up next,

Cathys brother the owner was doing Tim. It got under way and was looking good but I was getting a call from hubs who was at work so I stepped outside to take the call. Wish I wouldn't have because Cathy took it upon herself to change the style. Tim said Cathy called her brother away from Tims chair to talk but Tim couldn't hear what was said....the stylist than returned to Tim, turned the chair and Tim could no longer see in the mirror but he thought nothing of that....when I walked in this is what I found...this is not Tim but it is a pic of the hairstyle.

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