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Bookcase and TV unit dilemma

CJ Mac
6 years ago

Tried repeatedly to post on Design Dilemma yesterday but it kept locking up on me. Hope this works. Will try to keep it brief.

Here are the bookcases (Jesper, cherry finish):

Bookcases and TV stand · More Info

Here is the TV unit:

Bookcases and TV stand · More Info

Jesper used to make a matching TV unit (don't know if they still do) but it was way too big for our television and also too much money for something we didn't really like. This was the best we could do at the time.

Problem is that we're getting new furniture and measuring made me realize things are not going to fit with both walls taken up like this. The only two options we see are #1 finding a TV unit that coordinates better with the bookcases and moving two of the bookcases to either side of the television (the third we're not sure about). OR moving all three bookcases to the wall by the front door:

Bookcases and TV stand · More Info

Bookcases and TV stand · More Info

But how odd would it look to have these massive bookcases there at the entrance? Also, the bookcases are 14" deep and would overlap the door trim a bit:

Bookcases and TV stand · More Info

Actually, remembering just now about the baseboard, the bookcases would jut out a little more.

We COULD move the bookcases into our office, but would have to remove a sleeper sofa and would have no seating except for 2 office chairs. (Well, sleeper sofa could possibly go in front of window. I'd have to measure.)

Any suggestions? Since I have never really liked our TV unit, I would LOVE to find one to match or coordinate with the cherry finish bookcases, but I don't want to spend a lot on it--and I have no idea where to look. All furniture stores I've checked have pretty hideous entertainment units: too big, too many shelves or doors. (Definitely don't want one that is shelves only--want to hide all those darn cords.)

Thanks for your help!


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