Bad Tutoring Place in Houston

I was applying to a tutor position recently and I took an assessment for the job. For one of the questions, I had to summarize a paragraph of text. The text was completely about misogyny, super-bad, super-strong misogyny. It's scary because the tutoring center is dealing one on one with kids when no one else is around. If I had a kid I would not want them to be in there, especially if it is a girl. The tutoring center is in Houston, and it's called Cram Crew.

Some of the passages from the assessment text were:
<If the exclusion from public employments decreed against women leads to a greater sum of mutual happiness for the two sexes, then this becomes a law that all Societies have been compelled to acknowledge and sanction.>
<Is it not apparent that their delicate constitutions, their peaceful inclinations, and the many duties of motherhood, set them apart from strenuous habits and onerous duties and summon them to gentle occupations and the cares of the home?>

I made a Facebook post about it. I put the misogyny text from the assessment I took for the job on the facebook post. You can go to the post from my profile : Maybe you could go to my facebook page and share the post, so more people will know about it.

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This is actually a quote from "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" by Mary Wollestoncraft (who was the mother of Mary Shelley, the author of "Frankenstein"), which is an early feminist piece.

Not sure I'd want you tutoring my child, sorry.

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Ron Natalie

Well, not quite. I'd not want you tutoring my children either.

First off, Vindication is written by Mary WOLLSTONECRAFT. Second, it includes "related texts" one of which this passage comes from. These words are indeed not Wollstonecraft's but that of Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord (and others) in his report on public instruction in France. It didn't even appear in the first edition of Vindication, Talleyrand and Wollstonecraft didn't meet until after it was first published.

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