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The solar eclipse is coming!

5 years ago

And I have a front row seat! My home is in the path and we're schedule to have nearly 2 full minutes of complete darkness. The City has already started planning for the huge influx of visitors and many businesses are planning to shut down as employees might not be able to get in to work. On the coast, it's been booked up for ages, as well as in Central Oregon where there are wide open spaces to enjoy the view.

We've joked about renting out our guest room and our back yard for tents-as hotels have raised their fees up to 500% for the event. Parking is expected to be monsterous, and I'm going to stay home for the event.

I'm planning on videotaping the event, it's occurring on my grandson's 6 month birthday, and we'll archive it for him. I know it'll never come around again in my lifetime, so I'm super excited to get to experience a complete solar eclipse. A dream come true for this amateur astronomy geek.

Anyone else within the path? Anyone traveling to experience the eclipse?

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

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