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Grout Dilemma -- Made One Mistake, Hope to Avoid More

5 years ago

I didn't know choosing a grout color could be so hard. Two bathroom renovations are underway--both have grout problems.

In my hall bath, I'm using the Tile Shop's San Dona Aloe Summit basket weave tile on the floor and as a backsplash with a vanity that matches the aloe glass color. On Friday, as I requested, my contractor had the floor grouted with bright white grout. To me, it looks terrible--all the charm and interest of the San Dona marble is gone--it looks like white with square poka dots. My question is: can you darken the color of grout once installed with marble tile? It seems like it is easy to do with ceramic tile but not real stone. The San Dona is polished.

In my master bath, I think I got carried away with tile variety. As shown in the photo, I'm using Hall Blanco tile for shower wall, with (very expensive) jewel like glass mosaic accent tile. On the shower floor is Oriental White Blue and Gray marble penny tile. The main floor tile is a marble like ceramic.

It didn't look like it before it was laid, but the penny tile is really attention getting due to the very dark marble. I feel it creates a confusing, overdone look with the accent tile. So, I am wondering if you think that effect would be lessened by using white grout or by using gray grout for the shower floor? Would white or gray make the multiple colors blend together better? (Wish they would do what happened in the hall bath and just disappear!) I'm even thinking of taking out the dark gray pennies and replacing them with white or "blue" gray.

I planned to use white grout for the shower wall, including the mosaic accent tile. But the installer grouted a few of the mosaics and I hate how they look (see pix)--very sloppy. Do you guys think it is OK to use gray grout for the mosaic accent and white for the Hall Blanco sections?

In past tile work, I always went with gray or white tile and never seemed to have a problem until now.

Your help will be greatly appreciated--I'm tearing my hair out and the installer returns early tomorrow.

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